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Why We Started:

A Note From the Founder, Nicola

It usually takes experiencing something first hand to truly make a huge life change, like questioning everything you are eating and drinking everyday. For me, it was finding out that I had coeliac disease that made me truly appreciate the saying: you are what you eat. Having to say goodbye to gluten, well it still irks me some days…usually around breakfast time when I see others eating their vegemite sourdough.

Around the same time I was having to learn all about my new diet, I stumbled across some intriguing looking mushrooms in my children’s treehouse (that one time I went up there…it counts!) that led me to research, and become a little obsessed with, medicinal mushrooms and all of the amazing life changing benefits they have to offer.

Medicinal mushrooms have helped me to combat the conditions and side effects of living with an auto-immune disease. For me, after about a month of taking Lion’s Mane, the brain fog lifted. To regain mental clarity, focus and short term memory when I was chasing 3 small children around was a game changer. Also, Reishi really helped balance my hormones after having those kids and regrowing all the hair that I lost afterwards. I could keep going with more examples but I’ll stop myself here!

So how did I go from a medicinal mushroom loving consumer to starting my own brand? After growing these mushrooms myself I learnt how labour intensive they are to cultivate and how finding the balance between nature and science requires such precision. I also learnt the difference between extracts and full spectrum powders and wanted to create a product not just for myself, but other people too, that delivers the benefits of medicinal mushrooms most effectively.

To create a truly effective product though I knew I needed to outsource to the experts. Along with the advice from the best nutritional consultants in this field, I have personally tried, tested and analysed various different mushroom supplements and have found the best and most effective on the market. I have paired this with quality, natural vitamins that enhance the efficacy of these mushrooms increasing their impact on you.


About Us

So, you finally make an adult decision to take care of yourself and it always ends up hitting you in the ol’ hip pocket. However, money spent on your health is always money well spent. We think of it as making an investment into your future.

Keeping young while maturing is the goal! Taking care of yourself is not only good for you, but good for your support network, the healthcare system, the economy…gosh, you’re so responsible!

We don’t take this lightly and it is important to us to not only supply the best quality ingredients but have the proof to back it up. We want to give you complete transparency on where our products are sourced from, where they are made, how they will help you and how we are doing this sustainably. We are:

  • ACO certified,
  • Manufactured in a TGA approved and GMP facility in Queensland, Australia,
  • Third party lab tested at Australia’s top National Measurement Institute (NMI),
  • Uses sustainable packaging

Our ingredients are sourced from reputable sources:

  • USA
  • PERU

Ease of Use

Small changes can make the biggest difference

One small scoop for man (or woman, + !). One giant leap for mankind (by taking preventive care, cutting down on medical bills and helping the economy…while feeling and looking gooood!)

It has to be easy. That is why it is important for us to supply a product that can be easily added to your everyday routine for even the most reluctant, busiest, healthy person.

Half a teaspoon added to your coffee, smoothie, hot water, cold water, yogurt, soup, cooking, baking, can support you in making the improvements you need.

Consistency is key! Find out why…


Our sustainable stackable packaging has a minimum impact on the environment and your bench space!

In today’s world, businesses need to be responsible for their footprint – thank goodness! This is something we are really proud of.

We’ve had our refillable jars custom made. We dug deeper into our pockets to use Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material because we feel it really will make a difference. This is material that has already been used and thrown out, then recycled and made into these jars and able to be recycled again. They are extremely light weight, much lighter than glass, cutting on carbon emissions during freight. They are durable and refillable, so no single use plastics here!

  • Post-consumer recycled material.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Lighter weight than glass reducing carbon emissions during freight.
  • Refillable, no single use here.
  • Labels screen printed directly on to jar. No paper label.


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dairy free
gluten free
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