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Stress is something that so many of us face in our day to day life. Global emotional surveys show that we are more stressed than ever before, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic being a major contributor to the rise in stress, happiness has been trending downward for over a decade prior.

But you’re not alone, which is why we have created our mushroom supplements for stress. Our stress range is formulated with the queen of mushrooms, the Reishi mushroom, known for its ability to support a sense of calm and Chaga, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms can help your body manage stress levels by calming and supporting the nervous system, promoting feelings of relaxation. While Lion’s Mane has been known to improve moods, reduce depression and improve sleep, all key elements to help fight stress. Cordyceps is a deep energy awakener and is extremely helpful in restoring energy and improving resilience to stress. When they are all combined in our multifunctional Mushroom Blend, you have the perfect mix of medicinal mushrooms to support stress and anxiety.

If you are looking to try medicinal mushrooms to reduce stress, shop online at TAKe Bio Actives.

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